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Your Legacy Matters Here.

A legacy gift is an opportunity for those of us who care deeply about this ministry and what happens here beyond our lifetimes. It takes the form of a gift through our will or estate plan. For most of us, this may be the greatest gift we make, our gift of a lifetime.

Planning a Gift:



Assets like life insurance, real estate and retirement plans can become planned gifts.


Guide to a
Christian Will

It is never too early to write a will; it can only be too late. Writing your will is the most important step.


Charitable Giving

Explore many ways to give directly: endowment funds, donor-advised funds, charitable trusts and more.

Popular Gift Choices:

Charitable Remainder Trust

How It Works:

Establish a charitable remainder trust to generate an income stream to you or your designee for a set period of time, after which the remainder goes to the church.


  • Provides regular income

  • Potential tax benefits


How It Works:

Give to Tryon through your will or living trust.


  • Costs nothing in your lifetime

  • Can be updated if your circumstances change

Retirement Account

How It Works:


Make a generous gift of your retirement account after your lifetime.

  • Costs nothing in your lifetime

  • Is easy to establish

Other Ways to Give:

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Contact Us:

If you would like more information on how a legacy gift can help support the church, please feel free to reach out for a confidential conversation. For guidance and advice on how a legacy gift fits into your plans, talk to your financial or legal adviser who has knowledge of your personal situation.

Rev Dr. Allan Purtill


Phone: (828) 576-2463

Kim McPherson


Phone: (828) 859-6683

Catherine Lynch


Phone: (828)748-9136

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